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Trip Grade Information

Each and every trips of Trekking trails in Nepal Himalaya can be grade by different levels according to route features and elevation varies place to place. Some trekking routes are combined with higher level of elevation which requires some different standard by physically well. People suffering from cardiac or respiratory problems should consult to their personal doctor. So it is essential to choose a trekking trip, that is fit to your phycially capabilities and health condition.

Trekking Grade

Easy (Grade - 1)
Grade A trekking can be ideal for any age group and this type of trekking involves bellow 3000m of elevation and duration will be about not more than 10 days. It is the easiest treks, tours and walking in a day is not exceeding more than 5 hours, but it is depend upon to your walking speed. These types of trek also allow plenty of opportunities to view the Himalayas and encounter local culture.

Moderate (Garde - 2)
The Moderate or Grade B is may walk about 10 to 15 days long covering elevation above 2800m to 5200m. The trekking trails also requires well fitness of physical conditions and may walk 6 to 7 hours a day.

Hard (Garde - 3)
Hard category or grade C trekking trails is over the 5200m up level of the trails. Our visitor considered to be harder so we physical fitness and good health conditions are essential. Therefore we must be very fit for this sort of trip.